Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Summer Time..

I've been out of school now for over a month. We ended the year well. It really feels like forever ago. 

So...I will be moving up with my class!! WOOHOO!! I think it ruffled some feathers, but I'm terribly excited. I have a lot of planning to do this summer and digging into the Common Core. I'm going to be sitting down with a friend here in North Carolina who has been teaching second grade for a while. I know that our curriculums don't match, but the common core does. I'm really looking forward to gleaning whatever I can from her. 

Here's my Currently: June. It's a little...or a lot...late in the month. I've been spending my time with people instead of my computer.  Check out Oh' Boy, Fourth Grade for more Currently-s. :)