Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remember to breathe....


It's been a while.

I'm currently into my 4th month as a 2nd grade teacher. I taught 1st for the previous 3 years. I looped with most of my class this year. How I wish I could have kept us all together!!!

I just got student #27 yesterday. I'm pretty sure I'm no longer a teacher but more of a referee. I honestly don't know how to handle 27 students with varying abilities from Pre-K/K to late 3rd grade.

That's right..I have a student who is at a PreK/K academic level. He didn't start the year with me, and when I called his previous 2nd grade teacher, she said they were working on writing his letters correctly and writing his name. WHAT?! It was all I could do not to verbally react. I just went..ohh..ok. I called thinking this kid has got to have some sort of IEP or diagnosis. Nope, just 2 grade levels behind. Fun, right?

I've had stealing, bullying, pushing, spitting, and  incessant talking. I kind of think I'm going crazy. Sorta thought I would today.

We have a crazy amount of tests before Christmas Break. I don't know how I'll get it done, especially with all the other things we have to do. I have a stack of tests to grade from a couple of weeks ago. Oops. I have data forms that haven't been touched, looked at or thought of since September. I don't have a new data notebook for my new student because we didn't purchase extras.

And pencils...I think they eat them. I sharpen enough for every kid to have a brand new pencil in the morning and by the afternoon, at least 5 kids don't have a pencil anymore.

I can't get small group teaching done because no matter how I group my kids, someone always bothers someone else....or bothers me. I'm kind of at my end with all of it. I sometimes feel incredibly guilty for having me time because there's so much work I should be doing for school. I'm glad I don't have a family...as much as I desperately want one. I couldn't do it all. I can't even do it all as a single person.

YET.....despite all that junk...

My favorite kid passed her math test the first time at 80%! All my students (except my new one who hasn't tested yet) went up on their STAR Math test. Our classroom thief hasn't stolen anything since she  stole and ate a student's lunch in the classroom back in November. (I was out that day. Thank goodness!)

It may be just a little bit of good things going on, but I better hold on to them to help me make it through the next 9 school days.