Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One more chance...

In an email the staff received from our principal, he said that we would discuss our preferences for next year with us this Thursday. I saw this as one more opportunity to beg on my hands and knees plead my case for moving up.

I heard yesterday that there are two fifth grade teachers that are going to be told they can come teach first or resign. Yikes! That does not bode well for me.

But..I'm going in trusting the Lord works all things for my good. This has surprisingly been a very big issue for me. I've been in constant prayer about it for weeks. I am thankful that I haven't set my heart on it entirely, but I will be disappointed if I don't get it.

We'll see what tomorrow holds...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Currently: May

Here's my May Currently. Link up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!!

I had been meaning to do this earlier. I guess I just got busy with life. I'm kind of a terrible blogger.

Anyways, testing is done. Only 8 more days of school...One of which I'm taking off to attend a friend's baby shower and this Friday is field day (or it should be...the person who sets it up is suspended...awesome!). Woo! So ready to be done.

I've asked my principal to loop with my class this year, but I was basically shot down. I have had practically zero office referrals and my students have done a great job academically...which is his reasoning for leaving me in first. Really, I think the reason is because both of my teammates are leaving and going to another school out of our district. I *personally* feel I'm not going to be allowed to move because of that. It kinda of makes me mad. There currently isn't a second grade opening, but one of the teachers has asked for a transfer. If she gets it and someone else gets her spot, I'll be really annoyed. I have two kids that probably need to be retained, but the parents are against it. If I looped, I could save them from retention for a year and really hit the ground running where we left off. I'm even willing to take some of the behavior kids from the other two rooms..knowing that I can't keep my entire class intact. 

I just don't feel like I'm done with them. And I'm tired of teaching first grade. I'm bored. And if I'm bored, I know my students are bored too. 

My principal is staying tight-lipped on just about everything. It's been a hot-mess in my school the last two weeks. I'm kind of over the drama and lack of discipline. Thankfully, I don't deal with my in my own room...but everywhere else is falling apart. I'm so ready for this to end. 

Truthfully, I wish I would have put in applications so much sooner. I never had peace about leaving and going home...or even leaving the school. I have had so many more questions than answers. It would be very easy for me to beat myself up saying that I should have made a decision sooner. I have spent countless hours praying and no direction. But I'm not going there...again. I'm resolving to trust the Lord. To trust that He has the perfect class planned for me. Not that everything will run perfectly..but that in the end, they will have been the kids for me and I'll have been the teacher for them. He works all things together for my good.