Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skype and the Classroom

I was asked by our technology person if I would like to have my class Skype with a first grade class from Long Island. My one word email response was "Absolutely!"

The kindergarten teacher next to me is going to Skype with her dad (a retired principal) to have him read a story to her class. We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about making our classrooms more global.

Our kids are urban kids. Their scope is very limited due to their age and their location. My kids and I had a talk about tornadoes and hurricanes two weeks ago. They know all about tornadoes but nothing about hurricanes. I grew up with hurricanes. We didn't get any snow days but would occasionally get one or two hurricane days a year. I showed my kids what a hurricane looks like. we watched a quick video of what it does. I shared some of my experiences--nasty shelters and one time, one of our trees that fell on a neighbor's house. I think I scared them a little, but I assured them they had nothing to worry about because we are no where near any substantial water.

As I was talking to my dad tonight, sharing this news with him, I started thinking of all the possibilities. We know people in England, Nicaragua and all over the US. How much fun would it be to Skype with them!?

I can see the endless possibilities and learning this could bring. Sharing stories and lessons. Getting pen-pals. Seeing what kids do around the world. Sharing culture.

ooooh..It makes me want to start tomorrow!

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