Friday, April 22, 2011

Question: Initial Assessments

If you happen to stumble upon this, maybe you can help me out.

About 2 weeks ago, I got a new student. Actually I got 2 new boys a day apart from each other, but one's family has since gotten the clear to head back to Japan where Dad is stationed.

We're about 25 days away from the end of school. (YAY!) My new kiddo is extremely low. I knew this before he came into the room because I saw his report card from his previous school.

Here's my question that came from getting a new student so late in the year. I've gotten 8 new students after school had already started this year.

What assessments do you have in place that help you know exactly where your new kiddo is?

We have DRA's, Early Start Literacy, Star Math and District Common Assessments in Math and Science. As a 2nd year teacher, my assessment resources are a little slim to non-existent. I've talked with my mentor about having an assessment binder sectioned off by quarter and then by subject. I wouldn't even know how to begin putting things in it.

What would give me the most bang for my buck and time?

If you can offer any suggestions or point me in the direction of resources, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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