Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tattles....with update

Testing is OVER!

We can hopefully get back into some recognizable routine tomorrow and the next week before we go back to our regular schedule. I have no idea who decided to change our schedule so drastically. This was NUTS! I want my big plan time back.

My kids have been little tattle tellers all week. It's stupid stuff like "he's looking at me"..."she's wearing her coat". Really?! You need to interrupt me for that.

I tried a tattle jar last year. It didn't curb the tattling like I thought it would, even though we read them during recess.

I've found teachers that have used a stuffed animal, picture of the president or a picture of an ear for their kids to tell their tattle to.

I decided to make mine incredibly labor intensive to hopefully cut down on the tattling.

I'm going to make a Tattle Tales book. The kids will have to write their name, date, what the problem is and how they can solve it. They'll have to write in complete sentences. I'll check the book occasionally and revisit the procedures for writing in the book, as needed. I plan on discussing the different between tattling and telling something important (i.e. somebody's hurt, etc.) Unless my counselor has a book, I'm going to use a video from learn360. Hopefully, this will help.

My kiddos learned the difference between tattling and telling. Honestly, I think I had less tattling. I overheard a few of my kiddos telling each other to go "write it in the book". I'll have to revisit the tattle book format, and I may even have the counselor come in for a follow up lesson---just so they hear someone else say it.

Sad news: My district let go of all of last year's new hires. This included one of my teammates. :( About 15+ first year's in the district were riffed, meaning they may be hired back. I am hoping that my teammate is rehired. I love working with her. We graduated together. If she is not rehired, I hope that we get another outstanding teacher. Whoever it will be, they have big shoes to fill.

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