Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter M&M's Graphing

Next week (starting April 11), we start our state testing in K-2. One of the things my scholars will have to do is create a bar graph. We have done this in our classroom during our data unit, but that unit was about two units ago. We will be revisiting it this week.

One of my team members did this activity with her scholars on Friday. I'm going to do it this week. I recreated her sheet to add cute fonts and a little clip art. I plan on adding another response sheet to add more writing.

For this activity, the scholars will have to sort their M&M's, tally how many of each color they have and then create the bars on a graph showing how many of each color they have. And of course, when that is done, they'll eat the candies.

I think my scholars will really enjoy this activity...especially since our schedule is going to be very different starting this week. Not looking forward to that. Oh, and I'll be adding a new scholar to my class. :/

Materials: 1 package of fun size Easter M&M's per scholar

M&M's Sorting Mat
M&M's Graph

These are not the cutest. I really haven't made a lot of worksheets for my scholars. I either already have them or we use construction paper/drawing paper to do our work. Paper is scarce in my school.

It could easily be modified for the "regular" M&M colors. Enjoy!

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